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Our regular adverts in the Times and Sunday Times Apps increase Fine & Country's brand awareness and showcase every Fine & Country property to a targerted audience. This is a wonderful instruction winning tool as all your properties are available to view 24/7 via these apps. Your competitors cannot compete with this exposure to such an elite readership.

In order for you to pass on the message to your customers, the Fine & Country marketing team has developed marketing tools that are available on the member's hub (IT Marketing Campaign - Online Coverage), including amongst others direct mail cards, advertisement templates and html mailers.

The Sunday Times adverts will run until 25th November and appear every two weeks in either the Home or main news section. The Times adverts will run until 30 November on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

For this campaign we are alternating between brand USP messages and property imagery that highlights our vendor interviews. For example on day 1 of our campaign we ran an advert on a property advertised by Fine & Country Cambridge, Lane End, with a quote from the vendor, demonstrating our lifestyle marketing approach to readers. The results have been incredibly encouraging with 630 users clicking straight through to the property details of the property featured in the advert.


A few key facts and figures when mentioning the campaign to your customers

> Currently over 3.5 million tablets in the UK.
> Top paid news app in iTunes
> Top Grossing iPad app in iTunes

Delivering a senior & affluent business audience
> &109k average household income
> 66% earn more than &50k
> 33% in senior management. (e.g. CEO / Director)
> 50% are under 45 years old
> 82% Social grade AB

Our adverts
Directely linked to our website and property search, giving access to all properties listed by Fine & Country.

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