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The Fine & Country Property Management team launches new lettings brochure


As many people seek alternative housing solutions due to a reducing amount of stock available for purchase, the lack of affordable finance or the increased need for flexibility and mobility, the lettings industry has undergone a surge in demand over the last few years.

Not only does providing a lettings and property management service present an opportunity for additional revenue on its own, it also ensures that your Fine & Country business can capture the transition from renting to selling or vice versa.

New Lettings Brochures

A professional brochure has been created by the Fine & Country marketing team to help you market your services and company as well as providing landlords with the necessary information to be able to evaluate your role in their property investment.

Due to the different services available to landlords within the network as well as the complex nature of the lettings process, the content of the brochure has been drafted broadly to cover all area of lettings without seeking to overstate your lettings offering.

While the brochure can be used as an informative document, it will also raise public awareness of your brand and create a positive image that landlords will associate with you. To view the Fine & Country Lettings brochure, please click here.

To place your order of for more information please contact Minimum order of 100 copies for &195 + VAT.

NB: Fine and Country Property Management can assist your business to grow without a requirement to invest heavily in overheads and infrastructure. To discuss your specific requirements for property and accounting services and how these would integrate and benefit your Fine and Country business, please call Brandon Hibben on 01223 224 303.


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