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Finer Magazine - Don't miss the last edition of the year

The September edition of Finer, the last edition for 2012, is ready for order so please contact David Lindley at Park Lane on 0207 079 1515 or to ensure you don't miss out until 2013!

Finer Magazine has been a highly successful instruction winner for Fine & Country offices throughout the country who have distributed it to their prospective vendors, including:






 Bishop's Stortford







Brookmans Park 

As an example, Fine & Country Bishops Stortford generated four valuations from their first edition alone, distributing 1,700 copies and is now a unique selling point they use to win instructions.

And it costs less than you may think, to distribute 2,000 copies of Finer, personalised to your office and your team, is just &2 per prospect - produced, printed and delivered!

The deadline to place your order is Friday 17th August, and copy deadline is the following Friday, the 24th August. Finer will then be distributed during week commencing 17th September.

If you have any questions, please call David Lindley on 0207 079 1515.




Why Finer?

The publication has been designed to effectively cultivate your constituency (generate interest and brand awareness in your neighbourghood). It contains:

  • Fine & Country bespoke editorial which detail specific Fine & Country services embedded within interesting articles.
  • Your own cover, introductory pages, office pages as well as 16 pages of your properties.
  • A good selection of lifestyle articles from Recipe's and Cookery to Gardening and Motoring ensuring the publication has longevity of readership.
The Finer magazine works as an all encompassing brand recognition tool; if distributed to a constituency regularly and over a long period, when it comes to selling or even buying a luxury property Fine & Country should be the natural choice.

The Aim

The aim is to cultivate all G and H council tax band households on a local, regional and national basis thereby ensuring that we are always at the forefront of the minds eye of all consumers in the upper quartile of the market nationwide. If all current offices distributed just 2000 copies to their surrounding consitituencies we would cover approximatly 40% of the market for these property types.


I am interested but I do not have enough properties to advertise in the magazine

You can join forces with other offices in your area and share the creation and distribution of the magazine. If you need to be introduced to offices in your area, please contact David Lindley ( or 020 7079 1515) at the Park Lane office who will facilitate the introduction.

I am interested but can not fund the printing and delivery costs.

In addition to the 16 property pages - The personalised pages (inside front cover, proceeding 2 pages, rear 2 pages, inside rear cover and outside back cover), enable you to utilise this space as you wish, thus you could sell advertising space to local businesses to fund the production costs.

For members who wants to sell advertisement on their micro-sites, you can offer a package which will include advertisement in your regional magazine and a year on your website.

I already advertise in my local magazine / I publish my own magazine

We can save you time and probably money. The price of this personalised magazine starts at only &900 for 500 copies and the price per magazine decrease the more copies you order (see table below - please note delivery costs are on top of printing costs).

Does it work?

Ordinarily activities like this only work due to repetition i.e. the publication and brand becoming a regular recogniasable item. As such we would normally encourage the participation only if it is going to be consistent campaign, However, having said this it has actually been effective and generated instructions after just the first edition being delivered. Current participants in the campaign would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of using Finer if their are any questions you may have.


 500 copies

1000 copies  

 2000 copies

 Printing costs - delivered to you




 Delivery to G&H Council tax
band properties in your specified area
(to add to printing costs)

(&1.30 each)

(95p each)

(95p each)

You also simply need to supply us with text and pictures. We will do the rest for you! 

Please email David Lindley or call 020 7079 1515 to place your order.


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