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Sean Newman provides us with his experience of using email alerts to assist in new business generation within his agencies. We cannot sit around waiting for sellers to come to us, we have to be proactive and using these alerts is an ESSENTIAL way of winning extra listings.

There are two types of listings:

1) Properties that are new to the market
2) Properties that have been for sale with other estate agents

Of the two the second category is by far the most lucrative. I would much prefer to be called out to a house that is already for sale than a new to the market listing:

> The seller is obviously motivated because they have taken action and called another agent

> It is easier to justify a higher fee

> It is easier to justify a price reduction

> A fresh approach with new photos, new description, new price, new agent often gets results

So what is the best way to get these listings? Write to them at strategic points. I have sent up email alerts which arrive every Tuesday which includes the following information:

1) New listings

2) On market 12 weeks

3) On market 16 weeks

4) On market 26 weeks

5) On market 52 weeks (happy birthday lol)

6) Price reductions - (motivated sellers)

7) Sales fallen through (very motivated sellers)

8) withdrawals

I have different letters for each of these key stages, each with different enclosures e.g. Refined magazine to new listings, "Accelerated Marketing" brochure to 12 weeks, "Strategy for Success" brochure to 16 weeks etc. These letters go out every Tuesday and created, I believe, the drip, drip effect. The idea is when a property doesn't sell, Fine & Country are called out.


Accelerated Marketing




So how to use the email alerts? Click here to download our user guide.

For more information about email alerts speak to David Lindley on 020 7079 1515 or consider booking an Academy Day session with Park Lane to refresh your knowledge of Fine & Country's intelligence system.




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