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Quarterly campaign - Meet the team behind the negotiator

The team behind the negotiator campaign

Meet the team supporting your Fine & Country agent 


This campaign will run until Friday 31st August 2012.

This quarterly campaign provides fantastic tools to enable your office to highlight the size and power of the team behind each Fine & Country office.

Through this campaign we are able to reassure and impress clients that they do not deal with just one person or even one office when they select our brand. This campaign can be used by your office to highlight the professional elements and extent of your services with which many of your local rivals cannot competeIt reminds your vendors and prospect that they can expect to benefit from expert, behind-the-scenes teams focussed on the sale of their property in the most effective way possible. From Marketing and Brand teams to the Media Centre, IT experts and much more, this campaign demonstrates why Fine & Country offers the most extensive and complete service available in the upper quartile of the property market.

Each design aims at demonstrating the team work which is seemlessly coordinated behind the scene by a synchronised group of experts. The sports element of the campaign was used to show that the winning team is formed of people working together towards the same objectives (as well as linking to the Olympic theme!).

> Direct Mail and Canvassing Cards

The direct mail and canvassing cards are available for you to order on the Fine & Country Digital Hub (button at the top left of this page). These canvassing cards can be distributed at your leisure to potential customers whilst the direct mail cards will allow you to reach a targeted socio-demographic segment of the population within your area, maximising the success of the campaign. 

An Illustrative image of the supporting team behind each of your office teams

An image that demonstrated how much further you can travel and the greater
the effect of a team workjing together is.


An illustration of a syncronised, harmonius team of individuals working towards a
common goal

 To view the DM cards, please click here


> Window Cards

Ready for you to print and place in your window, these window cards are a free and easy way to advertise this quarterly campaign.




 Click on the image to download the A3 window card



To download the A4 window cards please click here.

> Newspaper/Magazine Advertisement

For changes to artwork, please contact the Studio or 01223 443 906

> Newspaper Banner Advert

To see examples please click here.

> Magazine Full Page Advert


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> Emailer

An emailer has been created for you to send to your entire database of prospects.


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