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Your next copy deadline for Exclusive Home Worldwide is Friday 20th July 2012 for publication in early August.

Each country is provided with 6 free pages and 2 copies of the magazine.

The rate for additional pages is &95 per page and you will receive 25 copies of the magazine for each page you order (i.e. if you buy 4 pages, you will receive 100 copies of the magazine, if you buy 5 pages, you will receive 125 copies etc.). Please note postage is not included in the price.

Extra copies of the magazine can be bought at &175 + postage for 100 copies.

Please email with the number of extra pages (in addition to the 6 free pages) and any additional copies you would like to order before Friday 20th July. Please note that we will not be able to supply you with additional copies of the magazine unless you have ordered them in advance.

Please send your pictures in high resolution jpeg format and text in word document to We will not accept pre-designed pages. In order for our designers to link the text to the correct images, please name your files with the name of the property and ideally send one email per property. Please see attached the property page specifications for your information.

A page in EHW included when you purchase an International Gold Marketing Pack 

We do need to understand the number of pages we can expect per edition, however, there is an alternative method to promoting your properties in EHW. We have recently launched an international version of the Gold Marketing Pack earlier this year which also includes a page within the publication. Therefore, if it is your intention to purchase Gold Marketing Packs on a quarterly basis please indicate how many you intend on purchasing and guarantee this as a minimum quantity.

The standard International Gold Marketing pack is &329 and includes:
- 50 copies A4, 8-page (2 sheets of A3, folded) laminated cover sales particulars on 300gsm stock (portrait or ‘top-fold landscape’ layout)
- Vendor interview
- A videoette
- Page turner version of the brochure – eg  
- A page in EHW and 25 copies of the magazine
- Window card for Park Lane and the electronic version for you
(Note you will need to supply: photos, EPC, floorplans - price excludes carriage)


The 2012 deadlines for the magazine are:

Publication date  Copy date
 3rd August  20th July
 9th November  26th October


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