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Travel competition

We are excited to announce that we are running another Travel Competition to drive valuation requests in your area. This year, anyone who books a valuation on before 31st May 2018 using the promotional code 'ORIENTEXPRESS' will automatically be entered to win a three-day journey for two on the Orient Express from London to Paris.

The winner and their guest will enjoy a slow route from London to Paris aboard the Belmond British Pullman and the Venice Simplon-Orient Express complete with a gourmet dining experience, a luxury stay at a high-end Parisian hotel and a return journey aboard the Eurostar.

• Boost brand awareness
• Stimulate new business
• Increase valuation requests

We encourage everyone to help make this campaign a success by using it as a tool to encourage potential vendors to value their property with Fine & Country.


Due to the nature of the competition, it is not possible to exclude participants based on property value. Therefore, it is likely you will receive valuation requests for properties that do not necessarily fit the profile of a typical Fine & Country property. This can be an opportunity for your office to value the property under your core brand, if you have one, or refer the valuation to the local agent of your choice. Whilst the valuation will not be carried out by Fine & Country, the person will still be entered into the competition.


We are promoting the competition with a marketing campaign and on social networks. To help us promote this competition to your customers, the marketing materials below are available to use on the Members’ Hub.

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