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New For Sale Boards

We were delighted to announce at our last conference the launch of two new designs for our ‘For Sale’ board. One of the key changes is the inclusion of a design with the ‘F&C’ logo instead of the full brand name. This is more suitable for urban areas, minimising the word ‘country’ in the logo.

The new concept was first developed by Fine & Country’s marketing and design team. The ideas faced tough scrutiny from within the company, and there were many rounds of designs. We, therefore, decided to carry out a public survey asking our target audience for their views and opinions.

The results: 84% of respondents thought the ‘Fine & Country’ brand was the same as the ‘F&C’ brand, which encouraged the team to push forward with the two designs. In the survey, people voted for their favourite design out of three presented to them, and the chosen design was most popular, with 78% of the vote. We took the utmost care to make the boards the best they can be, as they are still one of the most important marketing tools to raise local brand awareness and book viewings.

Finding the perfect design has been one of the biggest challenges over recent years, and the whole team is happy with the result.


Special Offer with First Signs and Labels

Place your order before 6th April and receive a discount of up to 10%.

Print Offer example:

25 x Swing Boards printed 3 colours (For Sale) with eyelets

50 x Single sided slips printed 1 colour (Sold)
25 x 8' Black Gallows posts (with hooks and screws)

25 x Small fixing sets
50 x Shackles
1 x Delivery Charge per address

Price BEFORE the 6th April
Total &506.25 + VAT

Price AFTER the 6th April
Total: &557 + VAT


Can I use both designs in my area?

Yes, although you can use both designs, we encourage you to use the same design in one given area to prevent consumer confusion.

Can I use the F&C design in the countryside?

Yes. While we designed the F&C board with urban areas in mind, if you feel that your consumers would be more attracted to the F&C board in the countryside, nothing prevents you from using them.

How long do I have to make the change from old to new boards?

You have until 30th June to make the change.

To place your order please contact, First Signs & Labels, Tel: 01279 467999,

Please contact the studio if you need help with changing the contact details on the boards.

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