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September web report

The Fine & Country website is being consistently reviewed and improved, aiming to drive traffic and increase valuation requests. Below you can see the statistics that show the success that the website has achieved over the last 12 months. 

Audience Overview 


There has been an increase in the overall number of visits to the site since September 2016, where the total number of sessions has increased to 239,377, an increase of 14% over last year when the number was 209,324. Also, the number of unique visitors has increased by 11% since September 2016, from 172,417 to 155,499.




Visitors to the site have predominantly come from the UK with 188,251 sessions, followed by South Africa with 22,766 sessions and the USA with 3,639. Considering that we do not have a strong presence in the US, it is interesting to note that they are third on the session list.  






Over the last 12 months, mobile visits to the site have increased by an incredible 174%, where they account for the majority of visits to the site (101,563) followed by desktops (86,765) and tablets (51,049). This is the second month in a row that mobile overtake desktops. Our website is mobile friendly and do cater for this new audience. However, desktops still offer the most engaged traffic in general, with the average visitors spending 4m 55s on the site on average.





The most engaged group is the 55-64 age range with an average session duration of 4m 10s, but the 45 - 54 age group provide the largest volume of visitors (32,160).








Facebook is the biggest generator of social traffic with 22,725 visits, which is a significant amount of traffic whose trend is continuously increasing. 


Yomdel Live Chat 


Below are the figures we have received from the Live Chat service on the website for September 2017.  

Total chats: 1,231
Total leads: 389

Leads include:
Buyer: 229
Seller: 140
Landlord: 13
Tenant: 7

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