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August has been another strong month for social media, where all of our pages are significantly growing and attracting visitors to the website. The blog has also had its best month yet with a fantastic 26,762 views and EAV and online coverage have all increased compared to July 2017. 


The Media Centre is regularly looking for new content to increase interaction, so keep in contact at  




Total EAV this month is &663,626, so we are still on target for our Great 2017 EAV goal. We were also featured a total of 89 times, which is more than last month. We had several large features in publications like The Mail on Sunday, the Times, and The Sunday Times. These larger features do a good job of getting the Fine & Country name out to the general public, and helps agents by targeting specific homes.







This month circulation was 11,255,415 compared to 14,304,783 in July 2017. Although we had more mentions with a high PR value this year, they were in publications with a lower circulation.




Online Coverage (MUU)


Online coverage (MUU) was 1,754,762,539 which has increased from 1,108,295,065 in July 2017. MUU has increased because we were featured on more popular websites such as The Guardian and Daily Mail Online.







TOTAL FOLLOWERS August: 12,187 (July: 11,951) 

• We had 256 new followers this month and tweeted 228 times in August
• Top media tweet this month was 'Where are the world's most expensive homes?' which earned 1,575 impressions 

• We continue to tweet a mixture of properties on the market, property news, Fine & Country news, lifestyle and interior tweets.




TOTAL LIKES Augst: 10,800 (July: 10,410) 

• Our posts continue to receive a strong number of likes and shares. We are seeing an increase in people tagging their friends in posts too which increases the reach of each post.

The most successful posts in August:

• Top reach: Where are Britain’s top 20 prettiest summer villages? (78,595K reach)

• Most engaging post: Where are Britain’s top 20 prettiest summer villages? (6.7k clicks and 270 reactions)

Facebook boosts
We continue to see an increase in the number of offices who want to have their own Facebook boosts, including several job adverts for offices where engagement continues to increase.
How to boost a post
1. Decide which property you would like to boost and how much you would like to spend – you can spend anything from &20 to &1,000, but we recommend a minimum of &50.
2. Contact with the following information:
  • URL link to the property on the F&C website
  • Three images of the property
  • Date for the post to go live
  • How much you want spend 
3. We can discuss area targeting with you. You can choose to target the whole of the country or within 30-70kms of your office or the property.
4. Let us know if there are any specific tags that you would like to include. Our normal tags include keywords such as ‘luxury, property, estate agent’. Let us know if you would like to add any relevant to the specific property e.g. barn conversion, city living.
5. That’s it! Check the Fine & Country Facebook page to see the engagement. We can send a full report of engagement after the campaign if you would like. The expense will be charged directly to your office via the Fine & Country accounts department.

This guide goes through our most common type of Facebook advertisement. If you would like to discuss other options, please get in touch with


• Number of followers in August: 2,532 (July: 2,489) 

• Most clicked on post: Would you like to live in one of the 20 most beautiful places in the world? (30 clicks)

• Most impressions: Would you like to live in one of the 20 most beautiful places in the world? (2,047 impressions)


• Most engaging post overall: Another Academy fantastic day at the Park Lane office. We hope you all had a great day. (2.56%)

• We have increased corporate content on LinkedIn to attract potential licensees, industry experts and associates.



The blog

The Media Centre have receieved fantastic traffic to the blog with 26,762 visits in July. The best month to date. 


Top posts on the blog: 

• Britain’s top 20 prettiest summer villages - 11,478 views

• Top 20 Georgian gems for sale - 5,393 views

• What brings down the value of your home the most? - 2,200 views



 If you have any interesting anecdotes or story angles to share about the properties you are associated with do not hesitate to contact the Media Centre on 020 7409 8402 or email




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