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Changes in EPC regulations to take place by the end of this year

Some of you may have received the following communication from the NAEA;

"Government announces delay to EPC changes

Two changes to the current requirements in respect of EPCs were expected to take place on July 1 and October 1. However the Government has announced a delay as the Regulatory Policy Committee, which scrutinises new regulations, has yet to give clearance.

The delay means that all the EPC changes are now likely to be introduced later in the year although we have yet to be told of any new dates. No doubt there will be pressure to lay the Statutory Instruments prior to the summer recess.

As previously reported, the changes would have still allowed the marketing of a property without an EPC providing it had been ordered. In addition the time to make one available was to be reduced from 28 days to 7 days. These changes were meant to have come into effect from 1 July.

From October, there was to have been a requirement to produce more than just the graph on details, although we are still in discussion with the Department as to exactly what this would mean.

The Department has promised more information shortly."

According to information coming directly from the CGL, the changes are likely to take place on the 1st October 2011. Please 
click here to view the summary of changes to EPB regulations.

The changes in the EPC presentation means that we need to review the lay-out of our sales particulars and changes to the Gold Marketing Pack may have to be implemented.

To date, the different options are:

  • Change the standard 8-page layout into a 12-page which involves a price increase
  • Sacrifice one or two of the 8 pages to the EPC data which will weaken the presentation. 
  • Add the EPC in as a 1 or 2 page insert printed separately, either by us or locally by you, but there may be concerns about being open to non-compliance if the insert is missed out or falls out.


The conference on the 6th July is a good opportunity to raise the issue which will be discussed during the Fine & Country Panel Session.

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