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Transform your view on taking risks with Caspar Berry.

We are both delighted and excited to announce that this year’s guest speaker at the Fine & Country Big Weekend is the revolutionary risk taker in business and ex-professional poker player Caspar Berry.
Opportunity. Balance. Motivation. Emotion. These are the key elements of Caspar Berry’s ideology and he will be discussing these with you at our Friday conference. The objective of the session is to explore how to take calculated risks in business and in life, in order to overcome uncertainty and achieve success. 
Caspar Berry has taken many turns on the road; a Cambridge graduate in economics, screenwriter, Las Vegas poker player and not to forget, a poker advisor on the James Bond Movie, Casino Royale.
Berry’s motivational speech will certainly take you outside the usual realms of Estate Agency, engaging and inspiring you from a new perspective. Berry wants people to find their own meaning in his material, encouraging you to discuss and debate new ideas.
Take a peak at what the inspirational Caspar Berry will be discussing.
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