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The Media Centre 2014 report

2014 was undoubtedly the Fine & Country Media Centre’s most successful year. The team, by focussing on increasing international and online coverage, successfully raised Fine & Country’s profile and reinforced our reputation as an international luxury property brand.


In 2014 our pitches increased from 3,151 in 2013 to 3,385. That means during 2014, the Media Centre send on average 13 properties and comments to journalists every working day.

The Media Centre continued to build a strong relationship with publications that we would be happy to be associated with. This included The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Epoch Times, Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times but to name a few.



EAV (print and online)

We achieved a total of &4,520,757 worth of Equivalent Advertising Value. This means how much it would have cost us to advertise in the space where we gained the free editorial.

The dip in figures can be accredited to the fact that in 2014 was focussed on increasing online coverage, which has a far lower EAV than print. So although EAV reduced, our overall mentions and reach increased.


irculation (print)

Circulation, which refers to how many people see our print coverage was a staggering 506,690,613 – that means our properties and comments in print were seen more than half a billion times.

Fine & Country were mentioned a total of 675 in national and international print publications in 2014. Furthermore, coverage in key publications such as The Sunday Times, Times, Period Homes & Interiors, Sunday Express, Mail on Sunday, Period Living, and Independent on Sunday all increased.

In 2014 we were mentioned 115 times in international publications – that is six times last year’s figure. International publications include the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and Epoch Times.

Additionally, with so many exciting developments in the company during 2014 including a new department, 42 new offices opening and the launch of the Fine & Country Foundation, we sent a multitude of press releases to trade publications in total, seeing success for nearly every single one.

As a result, Fine & Country were mentioned 31 times in trade publications compared to 24 in 2013. These publications included Estate Agent Today, PremeResi, Property Wire and The Negotiator.


onthly Unique Users (online)

With far more people choosing to view their news through online platforms, the Media Centre has focussed on increasing online coverage in 2014. Although online editorial is worth less in EAV, it has a far wider reach (MUU compared to Circulation), can be easily shared amongst social media channels and has the potential to be eternally archived within search engines.

In 2014, Fine & Country’s online coverage was viewed a staggering 7,374,885,231 times compared to just over 5,000,000,000 in 2013.

We were mentioned online 471 times during 2014. This increase from 191 in 2013. That is a 147% increase.

Furthermore, we were featured on The Sunday Times online ‘Houses of the week’ section 74 times compared to 50 times in 2013.

That means we were one of The Sunday Times’ ‘Houses of the week’ more than once a week throughout 2014.

Please note, the Media Centre only began recording MUU in 2014, hence the one table below.


Social Media

73% of online adults use some form of social media, so if you want to reach a large global audience, social media marketing is the way to do it.

As well as superb print and online coverage in 2014, the Media Centre have continued to strengthen Fine & Country’s online presence, by building on Fine & Country’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts.

By regularly posting relevant news and content on these platforms, we have elevated Fine & Country’s message into people’s homes through their tablets, mobile phones and computers.


In 2014, the Media Centre set a target to post twice a day with relevant information and
property updates. We ran more weekly competitions including ‘Where in the world?’, ‘Which house is worth more?’, and ‘Tuesday Trivia’. Furthermore, the Media Centre increased the number of videos and images posted, by creating numerous photo galleries for ‘Property of the week’, ‘House of the day’ and ‘Open house of the weekend’, which prove to be very popular amongst our followers and their friends.

 As a result, on average our posts and status’ on Facebook reach 450 people every time, with our top post in 2014 reaching 1,456 people.

Our Facebook likes increased to 3,707 compared to 3,199 likes last year which is a great achievement.


During 2014 Fi
ne & Country tweeted on average six times a day with relevant property news, Fine & Country updates and the newest and most stunning properties on the market.

In 2014 we focussed on building our twitter relationships with big names in the industry. We regularly tweeted accounts such as @Lifeafterlondon, @zoopla and relevant property journalists. These relationships helped us to increase our reach, for example, when @zoopla retweet one of our posts, it will be seen by their 54,000 followers!

As a result, our followers increased to 4,786 in 2014 from 3,601 followers in 2013. That means on average 3 new people a day were following us.

We tweeted 1,386 times in 2014; that is 7 times a day on average.


To help boost our presence on Google+, we have posted more regularly which has in turn increased the pages views. By adding visual content and links to our Facebook posts our page is more engaging. As a result, year our Google plus page now has a total of 23,896 views with this increasing week on week.


LinkedIn is a
business-orientated social media platform, allowing Fine & Country to connect with likeminded businesses and professionals. The Media Centre post regular network news such as new office openings, charity events and new business ventures to our followers. At present, 697 people follow our LinkedIn page.


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps discover and save creative ideas. The pins and boards live on the profile which then turns into a snapshot of all the different categories such as beautiful properties, quirky properties, thatched homes and The Fine & Country Foundation.

Since launching the new F&C website, you can now pin your favourite properties directly from the website. We now have a total of 27 boards and 291 pins on our Fine & Country Page.

Top coverage of 2014



Publication: The Sunday Times
Date: 13th July 2014
Title: Retail therapy
Circulation: 817,642
EAV: &90,090
Office: Fine & Country Solihull


Publication: The Sunday Times
Date: 5th October 2014
Title: Last picture show
Circulation: 817,642
EAV: &90,090
Office: Fine & Country Solihull


Publication: The Daily Telegraph
Date: 13th September 2014
Title: Second homes
Circulation: 544,340
EAV: &19,667
Office: Webbers Fine & Country


Publication: The Times
Date: 9th May 2014
Title: A medieval house of fun
Circulation: 394,000
EAV: &35,000
Office: Fine & Country Kings Lynn
Publication: The Epoch Times
Date: 10th July 2014
Title: Swansea
Circulation: 990,000
EAV: &53,337
Office: Fine & Country Swansea
Publication: The Mail on Sunday
Date: 10th August
Title: Motor Mouse mansion
Circulation: 1,586,000
EAV: &55,800
Office: Fine & Country Leamington Spa

If you have any questions about the Media Centre services, have an interesting property, or have any relevant office news you would like to share with the network, please contact the Fine & Country Media Centre on 020 7409 8402.
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