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Fine & Country National Licensee Convention 2013
Presentations and handouts

Introduction - Fine & Country Growth and Development
Mike Bidwell

Mike discussed some of Fine & Country's greatest achievements in 2014 including the growth of the network, IT developments and 2014's marketing campaigns.



Update from your NAC Chairman
Peter Bruning

Peter gave a behind the scenes look at the NAC and the important decisions that were made during 2014, and the new rules regarding territories.


Marketing and Advertising Initiatives and Updates
Emilie Despois, Napoleon Wilcox and Jasmine O'Dell

Emilie and Napoleon discussed the sucesses of 2014's National Marketing Fund and gave an insight into what the future of Fine & Country's advertising may be and announced our newest marketing tool; the video card.

Jasmine followed with a presentation to show how the Media Centre have managed Fine & Country's reputation in 2014 and how you can help to increase our coverage in international and national publications.



I.T. Developments and Tools
David Lindley

David gave an insight into 2014's IT developments and the plans for 2015 including microsites, the GMP upgrade and the buyers database.


Fine & Country Foundation and Bristol Together
Malcolm Lindley and Paul Harrod

Malcolm discussed the Fine & Country Foundation's plans for the future. Paul Harrod gave an insight into the amazing work Bristol Together does for homeless people in the UK.


Forthcoming Fine & Country Awards Categories
Peter Ford

Peter outlined the award categories for the Fine & Country European Property Awards 2015 that will be announced at the International Convention 2015 on the 3rd July.


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