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Listing your property on the lifestyle searches


The newly designed Fine & Country website includes a innovative lifestyle feature that allows home buyers to search using four lifestyle tools; waterside, equestrian, golf property and new homes. In order for your properties to appear in these searches you must follow a few simple steps.


To enable your property to appear in a Golf search, please make sure that when you create the property, either in the Fine & Country CMS or in your software system, you write the word 'Golf' where it asks for Property Feature 1. (Unfortunately we can’t set this option as just a tick box, as it causes disruptions to the property when it is being fed to certain property portals)


If you would like to list your property as Waterside, please follow instructions for 'Golf', however please write 'Waterside' in Property Feature 1.

New Homes or Equestrian

To advertise a property under New Homes or Equestrian, please select this option in your software system or in the CMS as usual – these are ‘standard’ property types and are compatible with portal feeds.

If you have any questions, please contact the Park Lane team on 020 7079 1515 or email

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