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Awards marketing campaign to be released after national conference

In anticipation of the release of the new Fine & Country brand guidelines at the national conference on 13th January, Fine & Country has taken the sensible decision to postpone the release of the next quarterly marketing campaign until 13th January 2011.

The brand guidelines have been carefully developed to provide the foundation for the most effective and consistent application of the Fine & Country brand across all media and it is for this reason that the marketing and promotional collateral for the first quarterly marketing campaign of the year will not be available on the hub until 13th January.

While the campaign itself, which will be focused on Fine & Country as award-winning world champions for the third year running, will not be released until after the conference certain assets, including awards logos, images and a press release, are available on the members’ hub for immediate use.

Below you will find the award logos, images and press releases which you can start using in advance of the marketing campaign being released.

If you have any further questions regarding the quarterly marketing campaign, brand guidelines or national conference please email

2011 Awards Photos

2011 Award Logos

Awards Press Release

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