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The Media Centre team at Park Lane ensures our continued presence in print and online news media generating valuable editorial coverage. We were featured in The Daily Telegraph in print four times and received prized coverage in The Sunday Times three times this month. In November, we were also featured in The Wall Street Journal online that is fantastic international exposure.



The team at the Media Centre secured an EAV (Equivalent Ad Value of the PR Coverage generated) of &464,897 this month. We continued to receive coverage in a range of publications including The Sunday Times, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Epoch Times, The Week and Horse & Hound. Compared with our EAV in November 2014 figures were &253,627 higher in November 2015.

The actual EAV secured year-to-date is &5,676,285. 



The total circulation for the month of November was 20,785,508. We have received excellent coverage in The Times with five separate coverage pieces each having a circulation of 397,171. We would like to continue our focus on getting high visibility coverage in this publication.



Monthly unique users refers to the number of distinct individuals requesting pages from a particular website in a month. MUU was 403,783,782 in November. Due to a slowdown in online galleries, this figure has dropped slightly though we continue to receive coverage in The Epoch Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The Times, The Telegraph and The Week.



The PR team pitched 291 times this month. Since PR opportunities are quite limited this time of the year as we approach Christmas, the team had to work extra hard and pitched 140 times proactively and 151 times reactively in November.

Social Media


We had 181 new followers this month, we now have 6058 followers.

We tweeted 233 times in November.

We continue to tweet a mixture of properties on the market, property news, Fine & Country news, lifestyle and interior tweets.

We tweet an average of 8 times per day. 



By the end of November, we had 4138 total likes on the Facebook page.

Our posts continue to receive a strong number of likes and shares. We are seeing an increase in people tagging their friends in posts too which increases the reach of each post.

The total reach has continued to stay at a high value due to a combination of paid boosts and organic content. In November, we will spend up to &300 to boost around one post per week, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday.


We had 1,316 followers on Linkedin in November with an increase of 75  followers from the previous month
We have increased corporate content on LinkedIn to engage with industry experts.




The Fine & Country blog continues its great run attracting 6,783 page views and 4,274 visitors in November. 13 blog posts were posted this month and we will have the blog integrated into the Fine & Country website by December to further improve the search engine optimization of the website. 


If you have any interesting story angles or anecdotes about the properties you are associated with, please do not hesitate to contact the Media Centre at 02074098402 or email

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