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Key dates in the 2016 Fine & Country calendar

Regional Meetings are an important platform that allow regional partners to debate relevant issues and address challenges helping them gain new insight into the functioning and development of Fine & Country.

Regional Meetings take place after each NAC meeting allowing your elected NAC representative to discuss with you regional implementation of decisions taken at a national level. They enable your representative to have a better understanding of local issues and present your interests at the next NAC meeting. It is also an essential forum to share best practices and network with your peers.


Regional Meetings:


London & Home Counties

Chair: Colin Shairp, Fine & Country Drayton

E: T: 02393 277277

Dates: 10th March, 7th September, 30th November


North West and North Wales

Chair: Nigel Eckersley, Fine & Country Tarporley

E: T: 01829 731300

Dates: 15th March, 13th September, 6th December


South Wales

Chair: Dominic Subbiani, Fine & Country Pembrokeshire

E: T: 01437 761454

Dates: 16th March, 14th September, 7th December


South West

Chair: Napoleon Wilcox, Fine & Country West Country

E: T: 01398 324666

Dates: 17th March, 15th September, 8th December



Chair: Kevin Parson, Fine & Country Stamford

E: T: 07919 416831

Dates: 22nd March, 20th September, 13th December



Chair: Sean Newman, Fine & Country Warwickshire

E: T: 01788 820062

Dates: 23rd March, 21st September, 14th December


Yorkshire and North East

Chair: Mark Manning, Fine & Country Leeds

E: T: 0113 2034939

Dates: 24th March, 22nd September, 15th December


For more information on regional meetings, please contact your regional representative.


Key Meetings:                                                                     



25th Feb| 26th May|4th Aug| 17th Nov


Marketing and IT Committee 

 14th Jan | 28th April|21st July |20th Oct


International Steering Committee

 25th Feb| 28th April| 9th July| 29th Sept| 24th Nov







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